We start by coming to meet you in person either in your own home or in hospital.

We find out what you want and need.

We ask you about your situation and how we can help.

We assess your home situation, including any risks, so that we can keep everyone safe.

If needed we can talk to someone else who knows your situation and can speak on your behalf.

We will tell you if we can offer a service to you and if so how much it will cost.

If you want to go ahead we will write a Plan of Care and Support, so our Care Support Workers know what help to give and you know what you can expect to happen.

All visits will be carried out by suitable Care Support Worker who will respect your personal wishes and meet your needs. If you need regular visits there will be more than one Care Support Worker visiting you.

On the days and at the times we have agreed with you.

You will receive a Support Worker File which will be kept in your home and will need to be accessible to our Care Support Worker during each visit. The Support Worker File contains;

  • Support Worker Guide
  • Contact Information
  • Support Worker charges
  • Service Contract
  • Compliments, Concerns and Complaints procedure
  • Comment Cards
  • Assessment Form
  • Risk Assessment Forms
  • Moving and Handling Plan
  • Plan of Care and Support
  • Medication Record sheet
  • Log Sheets (for Care Support Workers to write in when they visit) including, Daily, Medication, Financial, Concerns and Accident/Incident records

Social interaction is an essential part of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. A live in carer can provide encouragement to re-connect with old friends, pursue interests and hobbies, and be involved with community activities.

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