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Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Awareness Week (15/05 – 21/05) is an annual event that takes place in the UK to raise awareness about mental health issues and reduce the stigma associated with them. The week-long campaign is organized by the Mental Health Foundation, a charity that works to improve mental health and wellbeing for all. Anxiety The theme [...]

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Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023 + Brand New Fluids and Nutrition


Reinforce, Focus and Energise Nutrition and Hydration Week (13th – 19th March 2023) is an annual event with a shared, global objective to “Reinforce, Focus and Energise” engagement to promote nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element to maintaining health and wellbeing within health and social care. residential care system is facing a major problem. Approximately [...]

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023 + Brand New Fluids and Nutrition2023-05-02T21:44:43+01:00

Brief about us

Olive Tree Care provides services for domiciliary care. To the healthcare sector, we bring a friendly, caring service that aims to offer nothing less than the highest standards of care. Our ethos is to make our clients feel safe and cared for, with 100% dedication, commitment, and professionalism from our staff.

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